Samsung has announced who’s has teamed up with Google and will be making use of their ARCore platform utilizing their Samsung Galaxy devices along with Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus smartphones.

The news for this new partnership was revealed at Samsung’s Developer Conference, as well as S8 S8 Plus and Note 8 will support ARCore initially.

Samsung is recognized for creating technology that breaks the boundaries of what’s currently possible. Augmented reality features a different experience by bridging our digital and physical worlds. Throughout the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC 2019), we shared our vision to the rapidly evolving AR landscape through our partnership with Google to improve the ARCore platform to more Galaxy devices (S8, S8+ and Note8) bringing the very best AR experiences to your users. Although this is driven through the strengths of your mobile phones, we predict the future of AR will extend after dark smartphone since we apply advances in machine learning and computer vision to go from recording the globe to understanding it.

You can find our more information about Samsung’s plans for AR and VR over at the company’s website for the link below.