We have observed a lot of videos of Apple’s new iPhone X, some waterproof tests, torture tests plus much more. The actual new iPhone goes up with the Galaxy Note 8 inside a new iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 video. In the video below we get to see both handsets exposed to their paces.

The two handsets have different specifications, the Note 8 contains 6GB of RAM with an 8 core processor as well as the iPhone X includes 3GB of RAM including a six core processor. Several apps are run sideways on handsets.

As we can easily see from the video, the iPhone 10 is apparently faster on opening the apps and also the Note 8 catches high on the 4K video. So within the first about the iPhone X managed a time of 2:47 and the Note 8 a time of 4.46.

The new iPhone carried out in a time period of 1:05 from the second round as well as Note 8 a period of 0.38. The next test was obviously a startup test either way handsets. The iPhone X booted up slightly faster in comparison to the Note 8. Some apps also appears to start faster to the Note 8 after which it others for the iPhone X.

What is interesting is a benchmark scores for the handsets, the brand new iPhone is definetly almost double that relate to the Note 8 on Geekbench.