Last week we heard that the new iPhone X is definitely an expensive device to solve for it to Apple. A brand new screen costs $279 just in case anything needs fixed, it costs substantially more. If you manage to interrupt the glass back to the handset this would hit you up for $549.

Apple charges $549 for virtually any repairs towards handset which have been note replacing the display. We have already seen a teardown on the new iPhone and then we have a very new video from JerryRigEverything. The hottest video shows you how to replace the display around the new iPhone.

When iFixit took the latest iPhone X apart a couple weeks ago they gave the handset a score of 6 out to 10 on their own repair index, this means the handset is moderately tricky to repair. As we can see from the video there is a amount of work involved in replacing the display for that handset.

We suspect that third part repairs for Apple’s new iPhone could finish up being known as Apple is charging a great deal automobile damaged parts within the handset. That anything apart from an exhibition repair to the device costing $549 means people may look elsewhere to obtain their device repaired.