Last week we were treated to a variety of videos from the new iPhone X. Such as a number of drop tests, water tests as well as some torture tests. We have now a far more extreme test of Apple’s new iPhone. The handset is frozen in water overnight to determine if it survives.

In flick we obtain to observe the newest iPhone X adopted the Samsung Galaxy S8 within an extreme freeze test. Both handsets are submerged in water and then placed in the freezer overnight. Which one think can survive.

As we are able to see in the video the iPhone X started up but some in the feature were not working like Face ID. Additionally, it resembles there were a problem with the OLED display. It appears as if the Samsung Galaxy S8 appears to have performed better inside the freeze test versus new iPhone.

Obviously it becomes an extreme test and not something must try at your house whilst you could end up totally destroying your smartphone much like the new iPhone in such a video.