Apple’s new iPhone X moves up for pre-order this Friday, the handset launches the next Friday your third of November. It appears as if Apple is giving person the iPhone Upgrade Program a jump start around the iPhone X.

From today men and women Apple’s iPhone upgrade service may get pre-approved for the iPhone Upgrade Program loan for that new iPhone X. To do this you need to download the Apple Store App in your iPhone or iPad.

Apple reports that once that you are approved with the upgrade program then you will be capable of checkout quicker for the new iPhone X this Friday the 27th of October. Apple are offering a trade in kit this season which helps anyone to return you existing device during their program.

As we mentioned a while back, sales of Apple’s new flagship iPhone is anticipated to get considerably more than supply. We heard that Apple can have around 2-3 million units of your new iPhone for launch weekend.

It resembles the modern iPhone X might end up being in short supply for a while, this really is a thing that usually takes place when Apple launches a serious update to the iPhone. The iPhone X is definitely the initial update to Apple’s smartphones in a few years.