It appears to be adoption of Apple’s iOS 11 has recently overtaken iOS 10. In accordance with a current report by Mixpanel, iOS 11 has become on 48% of Apple’s iOS devices.

This comes even close to 45% for iOS 10 which is the very first time that iOS 11 have been beyond that from iOS 10, view the chart below.

Adoption of Apple’s iOS 11 is slower compared to the adoption of iOS 10 was a year ago. Surrounding the same time in 2009 iOS 10 was attached to around 58% of devices.

Apple have released many updates to iOS 11 since their first release, these are small bug fix updates. The organization is already focusing on iOS 11.1 which could beings result-oriented features to your iPhone and iPad.

We predict this latest version of iOS to land either a while this month or the following month, possibly when using the relieve the revolutionary iPhone X in a few days.