The new Google Pixel 2 launched recently therefore we previously seen a torture test video with the handset and we all have a drop test video. In such a new video the Google Pixel 2 increases against Apple’s iPhone 8 in several drop tests.

The Google Pixel 2 did not perform that well from the torture tests, lets see how it lets you do inside the drop tests against Apple’s iPhone 8.

As we are able to see from your video the Pixel did greater than the iPhone 8 while in the first drop should the handset was dropped on its back. The iPhone 8 performed better inside second test once the two smartphones were dropped for their corners.

When the Google Pixel 2 and iPhone 8 were dropped on their screens the handsets had almost the identical damage at the bottom of the display. The Pixel 2 suffered worse damage presents itself the display.? As possible see through the video the iPhone 8 performed slightly better while in the final test.