We heard recently that Apple and Samsung is finding comfort court over their previous patent lawsuit. Samsung has challenged the damages this were awarded to Apple in the trial. The 2 main company’s has been in discussions in order to settle the issue, of course this failed to happen.

The two companies have now attended court recreate to start dating ? for one more trial, the hearing was overseen by Judge Lucy Koh having treated the first cases between Apple and Samsung. Judge Koh has told the two firms that she will be wanting to get things resolved in the latest trial, you will find what she had to state below.

“I will prefer to not keep doing this until I retire,” she said on the hearing Wednesday. “I need this to be some closure for people like us.”

The dispute between Apple and Samsung is happening since 2012, so its possible to find out how Judge Koh might be buying a little tired of having to deal with the dispute backward and forward companies. Apple and Samsung will now go back to court within the 14th of May 2018. Lets hope they can work things out this period completely.