• Video application owner Jackbox Games is piloting a brand new video ad tool by AdRoll for that promotion from the newly released “The Jackbox Party Pack 5,”?as outlined by a news release.
  • AdRoll Video Ads help advertisers target consumers with video ads across desktop, tablet and mobile. The format is run by artificial intelligence (AI) and leverages machine understanding how to determine the best bid price every impression to better serve the right ads to the correct audiences.
  • In separate news, AI-powered search marketing company Adthena announced so it has raised $14 million in Series A funding from Updata Partners, per a press release. Adthena?plans to strengthen its paid search AI platform and scale its AI capabilities and launch new channels.?

The AdRoll and Adthena news together underscore marketers’ growing fascination with AI to present more automation features that optimize and much better target internet marketing campaigns. Just 15% of surveyed companies are currently using AI in their marketing strategies, but 31% want to implement it in 2019, depending on Adobe data cited by Adthena.

The new AdRoll Video Ads tool aims to help marketers better engage consumers with video content at key moments. This coming year, 80% off internet traffic is likely to be video content, and more than part of customers are more willing to continue to a brand’s channel if video is included, in line with AdRoll. Jackbox Games is reaping AdRoll’s new tool to grow its reach just outside of static placements.

Marketers view AI as helping them boost their marketing’s effectiveness?in driving revenue and helping them identify prospective consumers and market trends. Personalization and customization is also another areas which have attracted marketers to AI.

However, only 9% of marketers are suffering from a hyper-personalization strategy, which describes personalized marketing leveraging AI and real-time data, in accordance with Ascend2?research. Most marketers list improved customer experience and going to data insights for decision-making as their priorities for hyper-personalization.