• Kroger and Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM) announced an expanded partnership with Pinterest that enables advertisers to leverage the supermarket chain’s first-party data for targeting ads within the social platform and closed-loop measurement for you to trace from digital inspiration to get, in accordance with a news release.
  • Brands will be able to expose people to new products and correct with Kroger’s numerous customers on Pinterest. Kroger captures 96% of all the transactions through its loyalty card, data brands can leverage to name one of the best audience, create seamless connections to commerce and measure sales impact.
  • Kroger and Pinterest are expanding a romance that began last year and included a push targeted at inspiring shoppers to acquire Greek yogurt. The campaign drove a 53% surge in traffic in addition to a 15% cheaper price per engagement, good release.

Pinterest is a place to go for many consumers interested in inspiration relevant to fashion, food and home-related topics. The KPM partnership with Pinterest will give brands the opportunity to better target these audiences at various stages in their product discovery and acquiring process by leveraging Kroger’s consumer data.

Faced with competition from Amazon as well as growing ad business, retailers, like Kroger, Walmart and Target, are leveraging their huge consumer data, including their shopping habits and acquiring history, to bring in advertisers together with the promise of targeting their most relevant audiences. Kroger wishes to generate $400 million in profits by 2020 and sees its marketing unit KPM as playing an important role as goal, because it places digital ads for companies like Unilever and General Mills, reported by Bloomberg.

Pinterest continues to be rolling out extra features to give more advertisers to the platform and connect featuring its more than 250 million monthly users – mostly women, but fathers absolutely are a growing user group – with 78% saying brands’ content within the platform pays to directly to them, according to data within the company. Pinterest made its content marketing API designed to third-party influencer marketing platforms, giving marketers and influencers the ability to collaborate more efficiently.

Retailers Macy’s, Lowe’s and Kohl’s embraced the Pinterest Gift Globe experience round the holidays to plug with shoppers on specific product categories. The feeling offered personalized gift suggestions when shoppers entered details about the things they were seeking and shook their phones, so they could purchase the items.