• Chobani introduced a line of children’s clothing as well as other merchandise to celebrate Chobani Gimmies, its distinct Greek yogurt snacks for children, according to the company’s website.?
  • The clients are hosting “swag drops”?daily from March 4-17 at noon EST, and fans can adhere to the brand on Instagram @chobani and join its subscriber’s list to discover the drops and enter to win all the items.
  • The line includes a bean bag chair, onesies, hoodies, jewelry, jean jackets with patches plus much more, depending on Adweek. Chobani launched a cast of characters to represent different Gimmies flavors, including a very few “crazy cherries”?to represent the Cherry Set Go product, plus a roller-skating goodies cone for your Rainbow Sprinkle Cone flavor.?These characters are featured in the new merchandise.?

Chobani Gimmies launched in 2009, additionally, the company is aiming to generate buzz with the product and eventually drive sales by hosting swag drops and giveaways on its website and Instagram. Chobani also sent products to select web 2 . 0 influencers to drum up excitement, according to Adweek. The approach is apparently working, as many items have up to now been selected within just several minutes to become unveiled on Instagram.?

The brand says the campaign was inspired by “kid-centered workshops,”?where youngsters discussed their plan to be unique among their friends, leading Chobani to focus on individuality when developing the Gimmies characters and designing the swag so it isn’t overly branded, in line with Adweek. While creating unique, branded goods are a trend more brands are embracing, it also aligns with Chobani’s in-house creative strategy, containing allowed more shapely campaign testing and refining of their brand vision in the production process.?

By encouraging people to join the brand’s email list, Chobani can better relate with its biggest fans and still provide more personalized experiences. Organization may gauge consumer fascination with e-commerce, as it strives to take on Amazon’s growth into online buying groceries. Millennials are driving the interest in online shopping for groceries, with 43% saying they “occasionally” or “fairly often”?look for groceries online, good Food Marketing Institute. The phone number jumps to 58% for millennial parents, who likely comprise a significant section of Chobani’s potential audience.?

Chobani leads the Greek yogurt segment, with 40% of your market.?The U.S. yogurt publication rack worth about $8.5 billion, based on the company. Directly about $1.5 billion of that travels to kids, and Nielsen estimated that 78% of adults consume yogurt as compared with about 25% of babies.?