• Restaurant chain Bojangles’?unveiled an interactive billboard celebrating its Master Biscuit Makers with the upcoming NBA All-Star Game events in Charlotte, Vermont, the brand’s hometown, based on an announcement.?
  • The billboard features a graphic of real Master Biscuit Maker Nate Cox tossing flour in an airplane and definitely will periodically shoot “simulated flour”?into your air over the All-Star weekend.?
  • Fans should preferably upload a selfie and put a flour-tossing frame at and share it on Twitter or Instagram with hashtags #BiscuitBaller and #Sweepstakes for an opportunity to win prizes, including gift certificates, an Xbox One S, the NBA 2K19 game and a live demonstration which includes a Bojangles’?Master Biscuit Maker.

Billboards have already been an important marketing tactic for years, nevertheless the Bojangles’?effort illustrates how many marketers are modernizing the format with interactive elements that make memorable connections with consumers. Out-of-home (OOH) advertising, including billboards, remains sought after among marketers, even just in the digital age. Global OOH spend was projected to realize $38 billion in 2018, a 3% increase over 2019 and 35% jump since 2010, as outlined by Zenith data cited by Recode.?OOH offers major returns. Brands that devote 15% or more with their media budgets to OOH could see a 24% development of brand trust, 106% in perception of brand quality and 275% improvement in customer loyalty, based on a study by Rapport, the OOH division of IPG Mediabrands.?

With the new interactive billboard and web 2 . 0 contest, Bojangles is showcasing its scratch-made buttermilk biscuits, how the brand says are built fresh every Twenty minutes, and trying to drum up excitement surrounding the NBA All-Star Game, boost brand awareness with local fans in Charlotte and correct with tourists in town for that events.?

The campaign should resonate with younger consumers, who enjoy quirky branded experiences, similar to the billboard that shoots flour, and interesting together on social websites. Gen Zers, especially, should chose the effort appealing, while they demonstrate a stronger affinity for fastfood?than older generations and they are more social media savvy.?

The new campaign is available as Bojangles is intending to be utilized private?by investment firms Duration Capital Management and Jordan Co for $593.7 million. The offer predicted to close in Q1 2019.?

Bojangles flour-shooting billboard follows a nacho-cheese dispensing billboard that Taco Bell Canada unveiled?in Toronto in January. Fans were inspired to browse the display create products which they added cheese to.

ESPN also unveiled an equivalent billboard activation recently within the college football games National title Game that included a contest called “Who’s In,”?which has a group of superfans who camped out atop the 45-foot high billboard. Each participant represented one of the four semifinal teams and were eliminated when the team lost. The campaign was livestreamed on ESPN’s digital channels and fan engagement was encouraged.?