Competition is actually an incredible thing for the consumer. When Walmart stopped its Amazon Prime-style subscriptions a short time ago and offered free two-day shipping for all those orders over $35, it had become a menace to Amazon. A means of saying “we could not compete directly, but we will still undercut you. So take that.”

Well, Amazon were required to respond and in addition they succeeded during the best method. Just a year after it raised its free delivery minimum to $49, the net shopping giant now has lowered to limit time for $35.

It is big news for shoppers who don’t have Prime and would like to avoid fees. Amazon most likely raised the minimum last year in response to rising logistics costs. It couldn’t manage to hand out free postage regardly since it had in yesteryear. And then we can conclude that Amazon either got those costs at bay, or that it’s ready to eat some money to obtain Walmart’s customers. Competition between internet stores is wonderful for people. There are now a less expensive shipping option from Amazon. It won’t accelerate the transaction, however it will save you money once you make your next order. I believe most people can appreciate that.