A new application is presently under boost the shape of Remix Singularity which is being created to enable Android smartphone users to apply the ability from their mobile device as desktop computer replacement.

Watch the recording below to learn more about the fresh Remix Singularity technology and that is currently under development because of the team accountable for the Remix OS, Jide.

Once completed the fresh Singularity technologies are expected to unveil while using Remix OS and will spring into life whenever external hardware is attached to your smartphone. Brad Linder from Liliputing explains more :

Singularity takes points to a completely new level offering a mobile experience that’s close to stock Android, while supplying you with a desktop experience whenever you connect external hardware. So you receive a taskbar, freeform multi-window support, and desktop style notifications, amongst other things.?It’s basically just like an Android type of Microsoft’s Continuum or Ubuntu’s Convergence.

Singularity could theoretically turn your phone into the only computer you need- assuming you’re cool with with all the Android versions of apps like Word, Excel, and Photoshop in lieu of their Windows or Mac equivalents (or LibreOffice/GIMP on Linux). Want to avoid your phone to become a PC? You might like to make it a TV box. Just communicate with a substantial display and you’ll have a big-screen gui for Netflix, YouTube, along with other media applications.

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