Valve has immediately announced that it will begin selling SteamVR Tracking base stations directly later this holiday season taking out the dependence on a $3,000 introductory course.

When valve launch expertise to generate in 2019 beneath the codename Lighthouse the SteamVR Tracking was meant to be made use of by any vacation with any kind of their own individual products and also royalty free, Although you may have were required to grab the introductory course above mentioned at a good considerable cost for small start-ups.

The courses is not required now Valve will allow anyone that wishes to develop new projects using the SteamVR Tracking to acquire them directly and dive into development. Valve explains more :

After using the services of numerous businesses and updating the various tools, Valve is opening more immediate access towards technology and course work, available absolutely free in English and Chinese. The entire, physically training courses are still accessible for those interested.

Currently the standalone SteamVR Tracking base stations sold by HTC cost $130. No info on new pricing is released a connection by Valve, speculate soon as information relates to light i will keep you updated as usual.