As expected AMD has recently officially launched its new AMD Ryzen processor range recently, finally confirming the pricing for every processor, with costs covering anything from $129 to $499 for any flagship Ryzen 7-1800X CPU.

The Ryzen range includes three 8-core models in the form of the Ryzen 7-1800X pricing $499, the Ryzen 7-1700X at $399, as well as Ryzen 7-1700 at $329.


The Ryzen 5-1500 6-core/12-thread chip lacks XFR, but continues to be unlocked at 3.20 GHz with 3.50 GHz TurboCore, and features the whole 16 MB of L3 cache for $229. The Tech Switch on website explains a little more about the charges adopted by AMD for the Ryzen CPU range :

Ryzen 5-1600X is made to lure buyers outside of the Core i5-7600K, and doubtless including the i7-7700K. This six-core chip with SMT, which enables 12 logical CPUs for the software to manage, is endowed when using the full 16 MB of L3 cache, and isn’t only unlocked, and also features the XFR (extended frequency range) technology. It’s which is 3.30 GHz, with 3.70 GHz TurboCore. The Ryzen 5-1600X costs $259, and is also guaranteed to draw some attention.

The quad-core Ryzen lineup is created by disabling one of many two 4-core CCX complexes within the 14 nm “Summit Ridge” silicon, and feature 8 MB of L3 cache. The lineup is led by the $199 Ryzen 5-1400X. This quad-core chip ticks at 3.50 GHz, with 3.90 GHz TurboCore, and has XFR and SMT, which helps 8 threads. Bulimia, is definitely the quad-core Ryzen 5-1300, charging $175, while using Core i3-7350K within the crosshairs, clocked at 3.20 GHz and 3.50 GHz Turbo. Towards the end of the pile could be the Ryzen 3 quad-core lineup, which lack SMT. The Ryzen 3-1200X costs just $149, however, you get 3.40 GHz clocks with 3.80 GHz Turbo, and XFR, and eight MB of L3 cache. The cheaper Ryzen chip is $129. The Ryzen 3-1200 lacks XFR, but will give you 3.20 GHz clocks with 3.50 GHz Turbo.