Amazon’s new Alexa platform now has over 10,000 skills readily available for users from which to choose to help transform their home using Internet of Things technology, along with loading their Amazon Echo device with a lot of additional functionality to suit their needs and requirements.

Amazon today added the 10,000th Alexa Skill for its ever-growing library available as Beat The Intro made by Musicplode Media for any Amazon Echo. For additional information on all of the Amazon Alexa skills available. Skills add new capabilities that induce an increasingly personalised knowledge of your Amazon Echo device.

Amazon Alexa Skills customise your Amazon Echo device with capabilities to match your needs. No need to download or install. If you’ve ever fancied creating your Amazon Echo Alexa skill Amazon provides everything required over on its developer portal, that is available by following the hyperlink below. ?

**Some skills might have to have that you url to an active account and a separate subscription to use the skill.