Nintendo has soon confirmed the fact that new Nintendo Switch console that will be launching on March 3rd, 2019 won’t give you a Virtual Console service at launch.

Without such a service, games all the Nintendo consoles will never be on the market to play on the most up-to-date Switch in the course of launch. Although Nintendo has not yet completely eliminated the possibility of supporting every one of the games sometime soon for their latest generation hardware.

When questioned about if a Virtual Console is going to be offered a Nintendo report simply states, “We will share much more information later on,”. Of course when more information becomes available we can remain up-to-date of course.

As with any new gaming system launch it doesn’t seem unreasonable that Nintendo would rather that you purchase its new games including the Legend of Zelda: Breath on the Wild and 1-2 Switch. Or simply indie titles for instance Fast RMX, platformer Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment, and Shovel Knight: Treasure chest all of which will be available around the Nintendo Switch at launch.