A woman the united states claimed that an Apple Watch saved her and her 9-month-old son because of its SOS feature. 24-year-old Kacie Anderson and her child were reportedly hit using a drunk driver at an intersection in 2019. After being hit, her from Hannover, Pennsylvania, had been able save both their lives by calling emergency services for help using her Apple Watch as well as SOS feature.

As per an article fit and slim, Anderson reportedly shared the incident within a letter to Apple recently. She’s got stated she was stopped in a sore point together with her 9-month-old child when her car was struck from behind. Anderson cannot reach her smartphone to call 911 emergency services, yet she might use her Apple Watch. “The moment he hit us everything in the car went airborne. My face took an awful blow towards the tyre, headrest, to the leader, and after that to the window. I blacked out for around per minute and will avoid seeing. My eyes were available but all I saw was black. My hands flew around to sense of my phone after which you can I realized I needed my watch on and commanded it to call 911,” She told Shape.

An ambulance rushed both mother and son after the letter was placed. Anderson’s son reportedly suffered minor injuries, but her own condition was more serious.

Apple Watch’s SOS feature enables users to emergency numbers completely from this device. An end user, either will need to have an iPhone nearby or even Apple Watch Series 3 to help make the calls. Apple, in watchOS 3, had unveiled its Emergency SOS feature. Recalling the incident, Anderson further told Shape that they was wearing the Apple Watch for 24 months, but she didn’t have to implement the SOS feature. Yet, she credited it for “saving” her and her son. “I feel so blessed which i had my Apple Watch on,” she said.

To note, the emergency feature in Apple Watch sticks to pressing and holding the button until the Emergency SOS slider appears. Then, you would notice a countdown and a alert sound. If the countdown ends, the Apple Watch automatically calls emergency services.