Making smart glasses feels like an ambitious project designed for a tech generation this is simply not quite wanting to put high-end technology at the front of the company’s eyeballs. The division behind Intel’s Vaunt smart glasses project will be turn off by the tech giant. Reason: the division couldn’t catch enough eyeballs, ironically, within the wearables market globally. Were only available in 2019, Intel’s New Devices Group division utilized several years and vast amounts in an attempt to make a visible impact with fitness trackers and smart glasses.

Showcased back February this coming year, Intel’s latest Vaunt smart glasses appeared to be an alternative gadget. The planning made them appear like regular glasses, free of any touch controls, buttons, cameras, and the likes. A red, monochrome 400×150 pixels image is projected before you with a low-powered class one laser. But everything currently is before as Intel has stopped production on from any of the products inside division. The Information reports that almost 200 employees with the New Devices Group is likely to be potentially let go if no role is found to them in other Intel divisions.

In a press release on the Verge, Intel said, “Intel is continuously implementing new technology and experiences. Not every these turn into an item we elect to have to market. The Superlight [codename for Vaunt] project is a good example where Intel developed truly differentiated, consumer augmented reality glasses. We intend to require a disciplined approach since we keep inventing and exploring technology, that may sometimes require tough choices when market dynamics don’t support further investment.”

Vaunt project is an additional failed attempt for Intel to try to diversify outside its successful chip business. The revolutionary Devices Group, liable for Vaunt, had its share of acquisitions and partnerships but crumbled under the disappointing sales in the wearables market. In 2009, the division starting shedding off employees and R&D projects but still did not recover lost ground.